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4 Ways to Stimulate Creativity When Writing

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Whether you write fictional novels or children’s books, you know that your level of creativity will either make or break your story. As writers, we always want our creative juices to flow like a river, but that’s not always the case. Things like stress, writer’s block, lack of motivation, or simply not having an outline for your book can make it hard to pluck great ideas out of thin air. Sometimes we all need a little help in the creativity department. Check out four ways to jump start your creativity below!


Not only should you be reading books in the genre you write in, but try stepping out of the box or your reading “comfort zone” and try reading books from other genres as well. For example, if you’re a romance author, you may want to try reading paranormal books or psychological thrillers. Concepts from different genres could help spark some creativity to your story plot.


Pinterest is a great way to find dozens and dozens of writing prompts, dialogue prompts, character banks, etc. The best news is, it’s free to join. The only thing I’ll warn you about is…. Pinterest is pretty addicting. If you're anything like me, you'll get on for one thing and the next thing you know you've planned your wedding and your ultimate dream home, plus pinned some DIY things to do for a rainy day! You can save your ideas to secret boards that only you can see or make them public. Happy pinning!


Having the lines of communication open with your readers is a great way for you to solicit feedback. Thinking of a new book idea? Make a Facebook status or tweet about it to get instant responses. Received some not so good reviews on your last book? Pick your readers’ brains by asking them what you could do to make your next project better. Sometimes seeing things from a different perspective will help bring a fresh eye to something you’ve been working on or help you cultivate new ideas for a new project you plan to start.


Sometimes our ability to think creatively can become stagnant if we’re always writing in the same place. If you can, try switching things up a bit during your next writing session. If you always write at your favorite desk or on the couch, try sitting in a different area in your home or simply step back for a while and take a walk to breathe in some fresh air. Changing your surroundings, even for a bit, can help that brainstorming session come more naturally. 

Happy writing!



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