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2021 Book Release Playlists

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As Long As You Stay Down Playlist

It’s the time of year when family is cherished, gifts are exchanged, and memories are made. Yet, when a snowstorm grounds all outgoing flights, Aris finds herself confined within the four walls of her apartment for the holidays. In an attempt to savor the last ounce of holiday spirit she has left, she decides to order in and submerge herself in a holiday movie marathon.

A simple knock on her door sets the rest of her night in motion when she finds herself face to face with a handsome delivery driver. Moving off vibes and impulse alone, she invites him in from the cold. As the night unfolds, the chemistry between them becomes powerful enough to devour them whole, but the secret he’s hiding could easily extinguish the flames.

She soon learns that their encounter wasn’t by chance. In fact, she’s the only thing standing in between him and the one thing he’s been waiting seven years to reconnect with. When the truth is disclosed, he offers her something that could change the course of her mundane life forever. But at what cost? In the end, the cold winter wind just may blow her down a path she doesn't want to go, but escaping just may not be so easy.

The Illest Taboo Series Playlist

Between student loans, an unexpected rent hike, and a career that has her living paycheck to paycheck, 24-year-old River Newman is swimming in her share of debt. She longs for the lavish lifestyle of her best friend, Suki. From the matching his and her Maserati’s she and her husband Luca roll in, to the iced-out diamond ring Suki lugs around on her ring finger; they are serious #couplegoals. Yet, their most prized possession is their five-year-old daughter, and River’s goddaughter, Noemi. Just days away from eviction, River is hit with the tragic news that both Suki and Luca were killed in a car accident, leaving her to raise Noemi as her own. There’s only one thing standing in her way, Luca’s brother, Maverick. Not only is he Noemi’s last living blood relative, he’s also the type of man River avoids.

Maverick Muhammad Malone is fresh off a five-year bid and determined to turn his life around. After becoming a licensed tattoo artist while incarcerated, he plans to put all the money he made as the spearhead of East Atlanta’s most sought-after drug ring into a legitimate tattoo business and leave the mess of his past behind. After learning of his brother’s death, he quickly finds himself being dragged back into the lion’s den. When Noemi is temporarily placed in his custody, he knows he’s not equipped to take on the role of fatherhood alone. He enlists the help of the one person who knows her best, River.

When Maverick offers her an opportunity to become Noemi’s live-in nanny, rent-free, she sees it as an opportunity to save her favorite little girl from a life in the system and herself from her financial woes. But will she be able to put her judgments aside and agree to live under the same roof as the man she’s despised for years? With a pending court hearing looming over him, the stakes are higher than ever. Maverick will have to prove that he’s capable of keeping his hands clean, while secretly planning to avenge his brother’s death. For these two, falling in love was never a part of the plan, but if they can save the child, they just may end up saving each other too.

To The Only Thug I'll Ever Love Playlist:

As the daughter of a fallen police officer and former marine, Golani "Gotti" Evans has her head on straight and her life planned to the T. Education. Career. Then love, maybe. With only months left until she graduates with a master’s degree in criminal justice, she meets him. Two strangers. One uninhibited night of pleasure. Zero regrets. He was just supposed to be a distraction. A diversion from the pain. An interruption to her every day routine. Yet her lungs can’t find air and her feet can’t find the ground when he’s around.

Dashiell “Dash” Graham is six feet of perfection and the epitome of a thug. Every woman wants him and every man wants to either be him or kill him. Just nine months out of jail for serving time for his past endeavors, he makes sure he handles his business in the shadows. His outlook on both life and love changes when he meets Gotti. The only thing that can threaten their future together is his past. He knows she’ll want nothing more to do with him when she discovers the skeletons in his closet.

She’s not ready for love. Neither is he. They are from two separate sides of the law. Yet, the explosive chemistry between them is undeniable. Their outlook on love begins to change as they embark on a love story as complex as it is passionate. When Gotti finds out the truth about his past, will she leave her broken heart behind or give Dash the opportunity to fix what he shattered?

The Solace Series Playlists:

Fresh off a breakup and mending a broken heart, Cassidy Stokes has sworn off all men from now until the hereafter. Now as the only single gal on what was supposed to be a couple's getaway with her girlfriends and their men, she decides to use her time on the island of St. Martin to reconnect with herself. After all, self-love is the best love. What was supposed to be a week filled with an abundance of R&R, turns out to be the trip from hell when she’s face-to-face with her high school foe, NBA superstar, Hendrix Croft.

With cognac brown eyes and caramel skin as smooth as satin, Hendrix “The Tomb Raider” Croft hasn’t aged a bit. He’s still sexy as sin and the bane of Cassidy’s existence. While recovering from an injury, news of his trade to one of the worst teams in the league hits the airways, making him the subject of endless gossip. He elects to get away for a mental break from the palm trees and plastic groupies that come with having a multi-million dollar jump shot.

When a reservation error at a prominent resort lands them in each other’s close company for seven days, they are forced to play nice or not at all. With a heart more jagged than cacti, what will Cassidy do when her misery starts to desire his company?

A Lover's Heist Playlist

At thirty-two-years old, Dominic “Chief” Snow is about his business. Paid and devilishly enchanting, he isn’t the type to roll out of bed for anything less than six figures. As a real estate investor, he owns multiple properties across the city of Miami. Yet, it’s his illegal practices that produce the most revenue. Every hustler in ‘Magic City’ picks their own poison. For Chief and his brothers, Rome and Baby, it’s a slew of armed robberies that keep them paid and living the life that legacies are made of. While he may seemingly have it all, his outlook on love is bittersweet. Now three years divorced from his high school sweetheart, his only focus is on his sixteen-year-old daughter, Dream, and multiplying his money. But when a bank heist lands him in the presence of an angel, he’s made aware that fate has other plans.

Gianna Austin is a twenty-nine-year-old pastry chef with dreams of opening her own bakery. When her third attempt to get a bank loan backfires, she finds herself amidst an armed robbery which leaves her world spiraling on its axis. After escaping with her life, she’s hit with the news that her young, troublesome brother is being released from prison and has no one to turn to. She finds herself trying to help him get back on his feet while figuring out just how she can manifest a business miracle. When a chance encounter lands Gianna in Chief’s presence, she realizes he may be just the person she needs to make her dream a reality. But what will she do when she finds out that he may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

For a woman like Gianna, trust and honesty are everything. And for a man like Chief, loyalty and reverence are king. When an unexpected threat targets Chief’s family, a domino effect ensues. Not only are the Feds threatening to dismantle everything they’ve worked so hard to build, but someone he thought he’d left in his rearview just may be closer than they appear. As plots of deceit unravel around them, so may their chance at love.



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