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How Traveling Can Enhance Your Writing

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It's Thursday...I think. I'm officially back in the U.S. from my trip to Iceland, and I'm jet lagged. But, I wanted to blog about my trip while everything was still fresh in my brain! So, first things first, Iceland was...AWESOME! I had no idea of what to expect at first, but everything was totally worth it. (I'll drop some pics from my trip below!)

I still can't believe I saw this amazing waterfall and rainbow with my own two eyes and took this pic on my iPhone! I got to walk on a black sand beach, see glaciers, caves, waterfalls, go to the Blue Lagoon, and see the Northern Lights! Again, Iceland is AMAZINNGGGG!

Aside from my amazing trip, I wanted to talk to you about how traveling can enhance your writing. I've written dozens of books that take place all over the United States. Some of the places I've been to in real life, while others, I've had to do my research on. Before turning 25, traveling wasn't really on my radar. I was content with staying in my own little bubble and living my life accordingly. Fast forward four years later, and I want to travel EVERY chance I get.

Not only can you travel to get away from real life, but it can really get your creative juices flowing when you visit other cities, states and even other countries. Traveling helps you to see new areas through a different lens. You'll enhance your five senses (what does the city smell like? What about the area is ascetically pleasing, or not? How does it feel to touch a monument or the Statue of Liberty? What does the most popular food in the area taste like?)

You'll also be able to get a real vibe of the culture. For example, What is their public transportation like? Are the people friendly? What are the major differences you notice between where you live and the place you are visiting? How do the people speak? (By the way, in Iceland, a lot of people speak English, but their native language is Icelandic.) Now, when it comes to those characters in your book, you probably already have a good idea as to what their persona is like. But, actually visiting the area you are writing about can enhance everything about your character from the way they dress, speak, walk, look, etc.

If traveling isn't on your radar right now, or it's not in your budget, don't fret! You can totally read dozens of blogs about where you want your characters to be from or the setting of your book. But, if you have the opportunity to take a short trip and step out of your comfort zone, by all means, DO IT! Check out some of these really helpful books from Amazon, that can help you set the scene for almost any book you're writing, no matter the location.

Happy traveling and happy writing!

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