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Bi-Curious 4: Tastes Like Candy Episode Three (The Finale)

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Bi-Curious 4: Tastes Like Candy Finale Synopsis:

In the finale of this episodic series, Candice finds herself face to face with Dimitri, blushing and searching for answers. Could the harmless stranger she met on campus be into the same scandalous things as Jasmine and Julian?

Dimitri isn’t your average college student. In fact, he’s harboring a secret that Candice may not be able to handle. Nevertheless, with lust burning in his eyes for her, he makes it clear that he wants her all to himself. Will she let him experience the sweetness that’s left both Jasmine and Julian disarmed since the moment they tasted her, or continue riding the wave with her favorite couple? In an attempt to have her cake and eat it too, Candice submerges herself into a few more stolen hours of pure lust that will change her life forever.


Candice’s forehead creased, and her armpits started to moisten. She didn’t know if it was from embarrassment or just being nervous in his presence.

“I could say the same to you,” she muttered.

“Who’s your friend, Candy?” Jasmine asked, stroking her arm with the back of her finger.


“Dimitri,” he said, cutting her off. “We go to school together.”

“Oh really? I’m Jasmine, her… roommate. Nice to meet you,” she replied, extending her hand.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He nodded. “So, what are the three of you getting into for the rest of the night?”

Julian stepped up. “This is an invitation only type of thing. You understand, don’t you?”

Dimitri nodded and flashed a quick smile before turning his attention back to Candice. “Yeah, I do. Maybe I’ll just see you around. You still have my number, right?”

“Yeah, I do.” She nodded.

Candice watched him walk away, then turned back to Julian. “Why’d you do that?”

“Do what?”

“You know what. That was rude.”

“Was it?” he asked nonchalantly.

She sucked her teeth and nodded. Feeling the tension brewing between the three of them, Jasmine interjected. “It was kind of rude, baby. But listen, Candy…I think what Julian was trying to say was just that what we have here is golden. We don’t know him, that’s all.”

“You didn’t know me either at first and now look at us,” she pressed back.

“I won’t speak for Julian, but as much as I want you to just be with us, I’m not going to get mad if you wanna go out there and do your own thing. Exploration can be fun.”

“Jasmine is right. You have every right to explore, but it doesn’t mean either of us have to be happy about it,” Julian added.

Candice eyed the two of them, not for the words that were coming out of their mouths, but their body language. She could tell neither of them wanted to let her go, but they had no control over what she did or who she did it with. All they could do was respect it.

“I’ll be back.”

She wrapped herself in a silk black robe and then exited the room. Walking at least four feet ahead of her, she saw Dimitri.

“Dimitri, wait up.” She waved.

He turned around and waited for her to catch up before speaking. “What’s up?”

“I just wanted to apologize for what happened back there. That was rude.”

“Nah, I didn’t take it like that, but thank you.”

“Yeah, no problem…”

The two of them stood in the middle of the floor and let the sounds of moans, rattling chains, and whipping fill the space between them.

“I still can’t believe I saw you here of all places. This is way different than running into you into the grocery store or somewhere other than a place like this,” she admitted.

“Yeah, you’re right. But what exactly do you see this ‘place’ as?” he asked, putting air quotes around place.

“Uh, I don’t know. I mean, it’s my first time coming. But just from looking around, I guess it’s just a place where people can live out their fantasies and relish in their fetishes, right?”

“Yeah, but it’s a little more than that to me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not only a member, I’m an investor.”

“As in…”

“As in, I’m one fourth of the owners of this place,” he told her.

“I’m sorry, what? And how old are you again?”

“I’m twenty-five, and before you ask, I’m actually a grad student. I don’t think I told you that before.”

“And you just randomly decided to invest money into…this?” she asked, looking around.

“While most people I went to undergrad with chose to blow their refund checks on big screen TVs and lavish spring break vacations, I saved them up and decided to invest when the opportunity came my way. It’s been such a hit that not only have I paid off all my student loan debt, but I’ve made a significant ROI.”

“ROI?” she asked, scrunching her forehead.

“Return on investment,” he chuckled. “I’m sorry, I’m a business major.”

“Wow…I’m shocked but impressed.”

“Not as shocked as I was to see you here. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I didn’t peg you for the type of girl who would be caught dead here.”

Candice folded her arms across her chest and tilted her head to the side. “And just exactly what type of girl did you peg me for? A ‘goodie two shoes’?” she asked, returning the air quotes.


“Well, I’m sorry to have disappointed you.” She shrugged.

“Oh, trust me. There’s no disappointment at all. If anything, I like you more now than I did when we first met.”

Candice’s eyes flashed up to meet his. He had a pair of dark brown eyes that had the power to make any girl get lost in them. She didn’t figure she was any different. Before she had a chance to speak up, he leaned in to her cheek and whispered into her ear.

“You smell amazing, by the way.”

She blushed and took a step back. “Thank you…you smell good, too.”

“Do you need to get back to your…friends or will you allow me to steal more of your time?”

Candice looked back at the room where Jasmine and Julian were both sitting on the bed staring a hole into her back. She quickly turned around and shook her head. “No, everything is fine. Steal away.”

“Cool. You mind if I show you around?”


The two of them made their way down the dimly lit hallway passing by rooms with only sheer curtains separating the people in the midst of acting out their fantasies and the onlookers outside. She wasn’t accustomed to people openly putting their sexual acts on display for the world to see. It was like being in a real-life porn.

There was a woman with her knees embedded into the satin sheets underneath her with a gag in her mouth. Candice could see the drool pooling at the corners. There was a man in front of her, making her crawl forward to him as he walked backwards with a whip in his hand.

“So, anyone can just walk up and watch?” Candice whispered to Dimitri, while stopping in her tracks.

“Pretty much. We have sort of an…open door policy here,” he told her, as he ran the back of his finger down her arm.

Without responding, she simply nodded and the two of them continued down the hallway. Every few seconds her eyes would take in something she’d never seen before. Three rooms down, there was a woman with colorful, blinking Christmas lights tied around her ankles and wrists. The man in the room had a mask on and was attempting to insert a butt plug inside her while getting his dick sucked.

“Wow,” she said, stopping yet again.

She felt bad for awkwardly gawking at the sight in front of her, but she couldn’t help herself.

“Is that something you’d like to try?”

“Me? No way. I’ve barely just gotten comfortable doing the things I’m doing now.”

“And exactly what are you doing, Candice?”

“I’m almost one hundred percent sure you saw me. You’re a smart man, put two and two together.”

“So, you enjoy being with women and men?”

“I enjoy being with her and him, that’s it.”

“That’s it as in you’ve found your comfort zone or that’s it as in they are the only two you’ve been with?”

“Both. This may be hard to believe, but I was a virgin when I met them.”

Dimitri nodded. “I see, and no, that’s not hard to believe at all. Does that mean you’d never consider being with anyone else? Male or female?”

She looked up at him again, this time seeing the passion sizzling in his eyes for her. She blushed and looked down at her feet. “I don’t know…no one else has presented themselves to me in that way before, male or female.”

“And what if I did? Would you turn me down?”

Heat flushed over her entire body. She could feel the lust burning inside her as her curiosity heightened. She’d never wondered what it’d be like to be with another man other than Julian. Now knowing the ins and outs of he and Jasmine’s relationship, Candice started to wonder just how long the threesome would remain three before other people were folded into the mix.


“Shh,” he said, placing his fingertip to his full lips. He gently pushed Candice against the wall and pressed his body against hers. “You don’t have to give me an answer right now…no pressure. Just know that I want you and I’m down to do whatever you want me to do to your body. Wherever…whenever.”

She had never thought about being with another man before. She was nervous, but the jolts surging through her pussy were more than enough to put those fears aside.

“Kiss me,” she begged, unable to hide the heat between her thighs for him.

Hovering over her, Dimitri leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. As soon as the kiss was over, Candice couldn’t stop herself from blushing and smiling like a teenager who’d just had her first kiss.

“Can I ask you something?” she asked, slowly pulling away.

He nodded. “Anything.”

“What made you want to invest in this?”

“I love sex. I’ve always loved sex. I think it’s the most freeing, yet intimate thing shared between people. There are hundreds of thousands of kinks out there in the world, along with fantasies that people just want to check off their bucket lists. Why not capitalize on that, while making sure everyone has a safe and fun time?”

Candice nodded. “Smart…I see why you’re a business major now.”

“I know you said it was your first time here, but do you see yourself coming back?”

She nodded. “Yeah, I mean don’t get me wrong, I was overwhelmed at first, but I’ve had a good first experience here.”

“Would you like to have an even better time?” he asked, slightly cocking his head to the side.

“Are you asking me to sleep with you tonight, Dimitri?”

“I would love the opportunity to show you things that you’ve never experienced before, but only if you’re comfortable. Everything we do here is one hundred percent consensual.”

Dimitri eyed Candice’s body language closely. Although she hadn’t directly given him a yes or

a no, he knew she wanted him. He also knew she was afraid. Her inhibitions were holding her back from what he knew was going to be one of the most mind-blowing experiences of her young adult life.

“Do me a favor,” he said, while resting his hands on the peak of her shoulders.


“Close your eyes.”

Candice closed her eyes and nodded. “Okay, now what?”

“I want you to think about something you probably would never see yourself doing in your waking life, but you’ve thought about it…fantasized about it…even touched yourself about it.”

With her eyes slammed shut, Candice began to think. She’d never thought about being with a woman, check. She’d also never thought about being with a man and a woman at the same time, check.

“Hmm…I—I don’t know,” she mumbled.

“Think a little harder. I’m sure there’s something. It’s okay to be selfish, Candice. You can have anything you want here.”

“Anything?” she asked as her eyebrow perked up.

“Yes, anything,” he assured her.

“What if I told you that I wanted to be with you…and them too?”

“Like a foursome?”

She nodded slowly. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Is this what you want?” he asked.

“Yes…if I can have it all here, then I want it all.”

Dimitri stepped forward and placed both hands on the side of her face to pull her lips onto his. It only took seconds before Candice felt his tongue slip in between her lips. If only his tongue was between her other set, then things would be perfect. Dimitri slowly ran his hands down her petite frame. As soon as he got to her thighs, she parted them with ease and he slipped a finger in between her warmth.

“Did you know the clitoris has over eight thousand nerve endings in it? That’s why it’s so simple to make you tremble when I touch it,” he whispered in her ear as her massaged her button.

A low whimper slipped past Candice’s lips. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter for him with just the stroke of his finger. If he was driving her that crazy, she didn’t

know if she would be able to handle the real thing.

“Let’s go,” she told him.

The two walked back to the room where Jasmine and Julian were. As soon as Candice appeared, Jasmine sat up and smiled.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey,” Candice breathed while walking over to her.

She quickly placed her lips onto Jasmine’s and intertwined her tongue with hers. As surprised as Jasmine was, there was no way she could resist Candice’s touch. The two continued to kiss slowly as Jasmine gently glided her hand over Candice’s exposed thigh. Knowing exactly what time it was, she quickly slid her hand in between her legs and felt her warmth as she pushed the tips of two of her fingers inside her.

Candice eagerly slid the robe off her body, exposing her breasts to everyone in the room, but only locking eyes with Jasmine. Jasmine licked her lips and ran her fingertips over her roommate’s hard nipples, then hungrily sucked on each of them. Without delay, Candice crawled on the bed and spread her legs from east to west. Jasmine began licking the soft folds of her pussy gently as she flattened her tongue across Candice’s clit. Candice tossed her head back and began to run her fingers wildly through her hair.

“Ooh, shit,” she moaned as her eyes glanced over at Dimitri. His dick was standing at attention as he silently watched her.

She looked down and watched Jasmine lap her pussy. As good as it felt, she was ready to take Dimitri for a test drive.

“Wanna join?” Candice purred.

Dimitri and Julian both made their way over to the girls. Julian propped Jasmine’s ass up in the air and started eating her pussy from behind. Dimitri lowered himself beside Jasmine and the two took turns lapping Candice’s sweet spot, which almost drove her crazy.

“Shiiiiiiiittttttt! That’s it right there! Don’t stop!” Candice squealed.

Soon, both Dimitri and Jasmine had a sheen of Candice’s sweet excretions on their lips.

Wanting more, Dimitri greedily licked his lips and then stood to his feet to hover over Candice. As soon as he exposed himself to her, she reached out and started jacking off his long, hard dick, then took the tip of it into her warm mouth.

Jasmine began sucking Julian’s dick while Candice lapped at her pussy from behind. With Candice’s ripe pussy right in front of him, Dimitri spit on the tip of his dick and slowly entered Candice’s pussy from the back.

“Ooooh shit,” Candice squealed, gasping for air, then looked back at Dimitri.

He was biting his lip as he took long, slow strokes inside of her. She’d secretly been anticipating the pain of being penetrated again but was pleasantly surprised that she felt nothing but pleasure with Dimitri inside her. With every slow stroke, she could feel his dick swelling inside of her, filling her right up. Candice flashed her eyes up at Julian, who couldn’t take his eyes off her. He was enjoying watching her get fucked while eating Jasmine’s pussy at the same time.

Julian would be the first to admit his reservations about bringing another man into the bedroom. The three of them worked like a well-oiled machine, but having Dimitri there only

brought more of the freak out of Candice that he knew she’d been hiding all along.

“Mmm, does it feel good, baby?” Jasmine asked, as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft and flicked the head of his dick with her tongue.

Julian tightly gripped a handful of her hair and forced his dick deeper down her throat. He kept his eyes locked on Candice as she sucked on Jasmine’s enlarged clit. She more Candice licked, the more of his dick he forced down Jasmine’s throat. Not wanting to cum, he broke his trance and slid his dick from in between Jasmine’s jaws.

Lying side by side, Candice and Jasmine were both being fucked. Candice in the missionary position, while Jasmine was being fucked doggy style.

“Ooh, fuck! Right there, daddy!” Jasmine moaned as she reached over and took one of

Candice’s bouncing breasts into her mouth and sucked on it. She stared into her eyes as she sucked on her hard mounds. Wanting to feel every bit of pleasure she could, Candice pulled Jasmine’s lips onto hers and the two began moaning in each other’s mouths.

“Does it feel good, Candy? Is he fucking you good?” Jasmine asked.

“Mmhm. It feels soooo good,” she screamed with her head tossed back in ecstasy. She could

feel Dimitri fucking her into a sexual coma.

Jasmine ran her hand down the outline of Candice’s smooth thigh and looked up at Dimitri.

“My turn.”

Dimitri slowly slid his dick out of Candice and turned to Jasmine. She quickly pulled his long piece into her mouth and started sucking on it.

“Mmm, shit. It tastes so sweet,” Jasmine purred.

Julian grabbed Candice by the hand and helped her off the bed. She dropped to her knees as he stood over her and began sucking his dick. For the first time all night, Julian let his head fall back and his eyes close. He felt Candice’s hands roam all over his hard chest and muscles as her wet lips sucked him.

“Mmm, fuck,” he growled, while latching his hand around the back of her neck.

He cracked open his eyes to see Jasmine riding Dimitri’s dick and quickly pulled Candice back to her feet. He’d been waiting what seemed like a lifetime to be inside her again. With her body suspended in the air, Julian lowered her petite body down on his dick and slowly slid his length in and out of her.

“Mmmm,” she trembled.

“Can you handle it?” he whispered in her ear.

“Y—yes,” she shook.

“Tell daddy how good it feels, Candy.”

“It feels soooo fuck—fuckin’ good.”

Julian began picking up the pace. He wanted to pound her pussy until it was so sore she could barely walk.

“Fuckkkkkkkk! I’m about to…I’m cumming!” Candice yelled out.

Julian gently laid her down on the bed and started eating her pussy. Dimitri followed suit and flipped Jasmine over onto her back, burying his head between her thighs. She quickly palmed the back of his head, enjoying the feeling.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum!” Jasmine demanded.

Candice looked over at Jasmine. She loved watching her cum. Her hands extended and roamed all over her roomie’s full breasts. They looked so suckable that her mouth watered just staring at them.

“Come sit on my face, Jas,” Candice demanded.

Jasmine threw her leg over and climbed on top of Candice’s face, hovering her pussy over her lips. Candice licked her lips and then gripped Jasmine’s ass, pulling her pussy lips down on her tongue. Without hesitation, Jasmine began rolling her hips against Candice’s firm tongue, ready to bust again.

“Grab my ass while you eat my pussy! Mmm, yes! Fuck! Yes, you want my cum all over your pretty little face? Is that what you want?” Jasmine said through gritted teeth.

Candice moaned as she continued tongue fucking her roommate’s pussy and massaging her soft ass. Jasmine reached back to play with Candice’s pussy as Dimitri and Julian sucked her nipples at the same time.

Unable to hold her climax back, she came the hardest she’d ever cum in her life. “Mmm, fuck!!!!”

Jasmine’s pussy was throbbing like no other as she slowly climbed off Candice’s face. Dimitri reached out and slowly started caressing her pussy with one hand, while stroking his dick with the other. As physically spent as her body was, Jasmine still had some juice left in her and she was determined to give the night her all. She started sucking his dick while jacking off Julian simultaneously.

Candice crawled behind her and began kissing on her neck lightly. She ran her fingertips from Jasmine’s neck over the cliff of her shoulders and over her hard nipples. An electric jolt surged through her body as Candice’s soft fingertips kneaded her nipples.

“See how much trouble you’re getting me into?” Candice whispered in her ear, then sucked on

the lobe.

Jasmine quickly turned to her and grabbed the back of her head while shoving her tongue deep inside her mouth. Everything about Candice turned her on to the max. She pushed Candice back against the bed, lifted her legs in the air, and spread her juicy pussy lips open so that she could slide her tongue right over her throbbing clit.

Candice’s hands clenched the bedsheets as her body jerked forward. “Ooooh shit, Jas!”

Jasmine’s tongue shifted around inside Candice’s pussy while she tugged on her nipples. Julian slid his dick back inside Jasmine while Dimitri began sucking on Candice’s firm nipples. She quickly palmed the back of Jasmine and Dimitri’s heads to keep them right where they were at. She was about to have the climax of a lifetime.

“Ooooh my fuck—fucking God!” her body shook.

Dimitri climbed off the bed and swung Candice’s lifeless legs over to the edge of the bed. He eyed Jasmine, who made her way over to him and sat on her knees. He slid his dick inside of Candice, fucking her pussy with no mercy. After a few strokes, Jasmine slid his dick out of Candice, sucked on it, and then slid it back inside.

“Mmm, fuck,” Dimitri groaned.

He’d had his share of foursomes in the past, but nothing compared to his experience with Candice, Julian, and Jasmine. The four of them were forces to be reckoned with in the bedroom. Jasmine crawled over to Julian, who was getting his dick sucked by Candice, and started licking his balls.

Dimitri flipped Candice over onto her stomach and smacked her ass so hard that he left a red mark in the form of a handprint. Candice looked back at him and bit her bottom lip seductively.

“Again!” she demanded.

Dimitri began pounding into her pussy and smacking her ass like there was no tomorrow.

“Mmm, fuck! Yes! Yessss!” Candice moaned.

He continued fucking her from the back while she and Jasmine sucked Julian’s dick. He watched them take turns sucking the head, licking up the shaft, and sucking on his ball sack. Julian had the palms of his hands planted on the back of both of their heads. Dimitri tossed his head back, feeling his climax surging through the soles of his feet.

He quickly slid out of Candice and spun her body around to face him. Both Candice and Jasmine fell to their knees in front of Julian and Dimitri as they jacked off until they came, sprinkling their cum all over their protruding tongues. Jasmine leaned over and kissed Candice, swirling her tongue inside her mouth.

Candice couldn’t help but smile to herself as the events of the night danced through her head. She’d gone from being a shy virgin to a bonafide freak in the blink of an eye. “This is something I could really get used to,”she thought to herself.


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