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A Ruthle$$ Love Story 2 Character Quotes

A Ruthle$$ Love Story 2 Synopsis

In part one of A Ruthle$$ Love Story, Lourde’s only focus was proving to his father that he was worthy of the throne. Now that he knows Belmonte blood doesn’t run through his veins, he’s left with questions about who he really is. In the midst of all his family’s dirty laundry, he finds himself in love for the first time. When he loses himself, will he turn to Loyalty to remind him who he really is or feed into the ruthlessness he’s been immersed in all along?

Loyalty’s entire life has been one emotional rollercoaster ride after another. Now, she’s just praying for the moment her feet touch solid ground and hoping she’s alive to witness it. All she wants is to be back by Lourde’s side, but she soon learns that underneath the glitz and the glamour, there’s nothing picture perfect about the Belmonte family.

Neenah finds herself bilious over her accident, which puts a strain on her relationship, mental health, and pregnancy. She’s determined to make things work with O’Shea and walk down the aisle, but Chanel just may have other plans. Her world is flipped upside down when a betrayal far greater than that of her father’s is revealed. What will she do when she finds out who the father of her best friend’s baby is? In A Ruthle$$ Love Story 2, friends become rivals as everyone lines up to see the Belmonte empire fall. With so many harbored secrets, who will make it out alive and who will be just another casualty in a war between families?

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