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Bi-Curious 2: Tastes Like Candy Episode One

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Previously in Bi-Curious: An Erotic Tale

Julian pulled his dick out and turned Candice around to stick it in her mouth. She sucked his dick while Jasmine licked her own breasts, gnawing and, flicking her long tongue against her nipples while staring at him. Candice started to jack him off with her mouth wide open.

“Ooh shit, I’m about to cum.” He groaned.

“Come on baby, cum right in her mouth.” Jasmine moaned, fingering her own pussy.

Julian grabbed his dick and started slapping it against Candice’s tongue until cum shot out into her mouth and all over her lips. She licked her lips as Jasmine ran her tongue across Candice’s neck and lips. She seamlessly slid her tongue in and out of Candice’s mouth, so they could share his cum between the two of them.

“Mmm.” They hummed in unison.

Julian fell back against the bed panting violently.

“Happy birthday to you.” They giggled.

Bi-Curious 2: Tastes Like Candy (Episode One)

Candice woke up in her bed with no recollection as to how she got there or the escapades of the night before. She rubbed her eyes and looked around at her surroundings and then down at herself, noticing she wasn’t wearing anything but her teal bed sheets. A sudden wave of embarrassment overcame her. “What did I do last night?”was the only question that kept replaying in her head. All she had to do was ask Jasmine, but she wasn’t quite sure she was ready to hear the answer. Instead, she decided to take a shower to clear her head and then maybe some of the night would come back on its own.

With the swing of her arm, the covers blew off and she turned to stand up. To her surprise, her legs wobbled like a baby deer trying to get its footing for the first time. She reached out to grab her dresser to stop the room from spinning. That’s when she remembered the drinks. Oh, so many drinks. She ran her tongue over her teeth and could still taste the slight hint of vodka in her mouth. Inside she was cursing herself for getting drunk for the first time. Nobody told her about the horrible hangover that she would have to endure the next day.

After a few seconds of standing as still as possible, she enveloped her body in her bathrobe and made her way toward the bathroom door where she heard singing on the other side. Just as she was about to turn around and trek back to her room, the door opened. Out stepped a naked Jasmine. She was dripping wet as a cloud of steam rushed out behind her to mesh with the cool apartment air. Candice immediately turned her head.

“Good morning,” Jasmine said with a wide smile, as her perky nipples greeted Candice’s eyes.

“Good morning,” Candice said, still trying her best to divert her eyes elsewhere.

“You don’t have to play shy with me anymore, Candy…not after last night.” Jasmine smirked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m fine,” she assured her.

Candice could feel her heartbeat speeding up and the butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. The longer she stared at her, the more memories flooded her brain of the special night they’d shared. Her cheeks flushed as she smoothed her hands down the front of her plush bathrobe.

“Mmm, that you are,” Jasmine said, licking her full lips.

Candice shamelessly rolled her eyes. “Are you done in the bathroom?”

“Yep,” Jasmine said, flipping her wet hair to her back and sashaying to her room.

Candice couldn’t help but let her eyes travel down to her roommate’s plump ass. The way it jiggled with every step she took started to make Candice’s body tingle all over, especially her pussy. She violently shook her head and walked inside the bathroom, hoping a shower would rid her mind of the savage thoughts.

“Am I gay?” she whispered aloud while staring at her bedhead in the mirror.

“You can’t be gay Candice, you had sex with a guy last night.” She heard her voice say inside her head.

Candice automatically brought her hand up to her mouth as her eyes widened. Reality had hit her harder than a ton of bricks. A virgin no more, a smile started to tug at the corners of her lips and she started to admire the new woman she saw in the mirror. Soon, thoughts of Julian came crashing in like waves at the beach. Her fingertips glided down a trail of passion and bite marks from her neck down to her breasts and navel. Before she could make it to turn on the shower, those butterflies emerged inside her stomach again, that time, turning against her. Nausea overcame her as she rushed to the toilet, dropping to her knees just in time. Jasmine overheard her from the other room and rushed in to check on her. She pulled her roommate’s hair back and rubbed her back to comfort her.

“Are you okay?” She asked concerned.

“No, I think I may have drank too much last night.” Candice admitted, wiping her mouth with her forearm.

Jasmine chuckled lightly. “C’mon, let’s go lay down so you can rest. That’ll make you feel better.”

“No, no, I just need a nice, hot shower to bring me back around. Then after that maybe I’ll go lay down.”

Jasmine nodded understandingly and walked over to turn on the shower for Candice who was still hovering over the toilet, afraid to move. Candice stood to her feet and looked in the mirror again, staring at Jasmine. She then quickly pulled out her toothbrush and mouthwash to brush her teeth.

“Step in, I’ll wash you up.” Jasmine offered when Candice was done.

Naturally, Candice hesitated at first. After remembering their night, she was torn between feeling comfortable and still being nervous. She hadn’t had enough time to unpack her feelings about everything because she was still getting flashbacks. Afraid for the butterflies to return, she simply nodded and stepped inside. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t hide the attraction she had to Jasmine’s body. Everything about her was breathtaking. Everything was evenly proportioned. Her manicured nails matched her toes, and her entire body was smoother than a baby’s bottom.

The soothing, warm water flowed all over her body as she leaned back against the shower wall and closed her eyes to let the water bring her back around. Jasmine pulled off her oversized T-shirt and stepped in with a loofa. Candice’s eyes cracked open slowly, watching her lathered it up and begin to bathe her gently from top to bottom.

“Step up so I can rinse you off,” she told Candice.

Candice did as she was told and let the water rinse the soap suds off her wet body. Jasmine stood behind her, rubbing her hands across the back of her neck and shoulders while kissing on her neck. A moan no louder than a whisper slipped past Candice’s lips as Jasmine’s hands continued to roam all over her wet body. Feeling Candice’s muscles relax, Jasmine continued to kiss her moist skin slowly as her hands caressed Candice’s breasts and played with her nipples. Her right hand glided across the top of Candice’s ass and made its way in between her thighs, stopping at the fold of Candice’s pussy.

Instead of pushing her away, Candice turned her head slightly to look into Jasmine’s dark brown eyes, then kissed her. A grin tugged at the corners of Jasmine’s lips and she kissed her back. The more Jasmine caressed her, the more feelings started to fill up inside both of them. Inadvertently, Candice had fallen for her roommate. She knew it was not normal to be so attached to someone she’d just met but being with Jasmine just felt right.

“Are you feeling better?” Jasmine asked, breaking Candice’s train of thought.

“Much better.”

“Then that means we can have some fun, right?”

Candice’s eyes dropped down to her feet as she smiled shyly. “What did you have in mind?”

“I think I need something to soothe my sweet tooth. You think you could help me with that?” She asked, while simultaneously bending Candice over.

Within seconds, Jasmine’s lips had latched onto Candice’s tender pussy, sending a wave of chills rippling through her body. Her moans were so subtle and sweet that it started to make Jasmine’s pussy drip like a leaky faucet.

“Mmm, Candy. How is it possible that you taste even better than you did last night?”

Candice’s body jolted forward the moment Jasmine’s tongue flicked her tight asshole. A new feeling that she surprisingly enjoyed.

“Ooooh, that feels so good.” Candice moaned.

“Turn around so I can bury my face in that sweet ass pussy.” Jasmine purred.

Candice rested her back against the shower wall once more and propped her right leg up on the side of the bathtub. Jasmine alternated between kissing and gently biting her inner thighs, and then gently spread her pussy lips to kiss her roommate’s throbbing clit.

“Suck on my fingers,” Jasmine said, extending her arm upward.

Candice took two of her roommate’s fingers into her mouth and sucked on them slowly. She moved her tongue around the base and then up over the fingertips, and finally stuck both fingers deep into her mouth and swirled her tongue around them.

“Ooooh, yes, just like I taught you!” Jasmine moaned.

She slid her fingers out of Candice’s mouth and then stood to her feet, sliding them past Candice’s tight walls. Candice gasped, reaching out to grip the shower rod as Jasmine’s fingers stretched her pussy.

“Ooooh, mmm.” She wailed, while trying to relax her wound muscles.

Jasmine peered down at Candice’s wet breasts. They were aching to be sucked on. She seductively licked her lips and took her left nipple into her warm mouth to suck it. Candice tossed her head back in pleasure. There was nothing like a woman’s touch, especially Jasmine’s. It amazed her at how quickly Jasmine could turn her on.

“Mmm, yeah, suck my nipples, Jas! Oh my God, that feels so good!”

“Mmm, you like that?” Jasmine asked as she latched her lips onto Candice’s other nipple while rapidly vibrating her thumb across her exposed clit.

“Yessss,” Candice panted, struggling to catch her breath from all the adrenaline and passion coursing through her body.

Candice could hardly control her moans as Jasmine’s warm tongue slid up and down her nipples. She began running her hands slowly up her thighs, over her ass and up to her own breasts, feeding them to Jasmine one at a time. She had gotten so horny that she neededto taste Jasmine’s pussy on her tongue. Candice pushed Jasmine’s head back and slid around her so that Jasmine’s back was against the shower wall.

Feeling an array of emotions, she slowly lowered herself in between Jasmine’s thighs. She ran her hand up the back of Jasmine’s calf as she propped it up on the side of the tub as hers once was. Even though Candice had never seen another pussy up close and personal outside of Jasmine’s and her own, she was sure Jasmine had the juiciest and sweetest pussy in the world. The way her puffed lips sat up off her body drove her wild. With her eyes locked on the hairless pussy in front of her, she closed her eyes and leaned in. Just the clean smell of Jasmine made Candice vibrate with pleasure.

“I can’t wait to taste you.” Candice moaned.

All Jasmine could see was Candice’s eyes between her legs as her tongue went to work, quickly flicking her clit and kissing all over her pussy. Jasmine grabbed a handful of Candice’s wet hair a brushed it out of her face, so she could fully watch her enjoy her meal.

“God, I can’t get enough of you.” Jasmine moaned. “Your lips were made for this pussy!”

“Mmm, and your pussy was made for my lips.” Candice hummed inside her.

Just watching Candice made it hard for Jasmine to control herself. She felt the makings of an intense orgasm surging through her body. My fingertips gripped the fabric shower curtain as her body quaked. She was ready to bust all over Candice’s pretty little face.

“Ooooh shit! I’m about to cum, Candy! Mmm fuck!”

Just as the words broke past her lips, her sweet nectar flooded into Candice’s mouth. Candice hungrily licked her lips as she snaked her body toward Jasmine’s hard nipples. She kissed them one by one and then stared deep into Jasmine’s warm eyes.

“I want you to fuck me.” Candice told her.

A wide grin spread across Jasmine’s face.

“I have just the thing for you, baby. I’m gonna fuck that wet ass pussy so good! C’mon, let’s go to my room.”

Jasmine stuck her foot out to cut the shower off and pulled back the curtain. She took Candice by the hand and escorted the two of them to her room, dripping wet. As soon as they got inside Jasmine’s bedroom, something overcame Candice. No feelings of regret or coyness. She was ready to take charge. Overnight, she’d went from a timid virgin to a bona fide freak, and she was loving every minute of it. She pushed Jasmine down on her unmade bed and straddled her.

“Let me rub you down with oil first.” She insisted.

Candice glanced over at Jasmine’s dresser and grabbed a small bottle of lavender-scented baby oil. The sweet smell wafted past her nose while she massaged it in between her warm palms. Slowly, she began massaging her sticky hands over Jasmine’s full breasts. Jasmine let out a soft moan that somewhat mimicked a whimper. She was falling in love with Candice. Once Jasmine’s entire body was lathered with slippery baby oil, Candice parted her smooth thighs like the Red Sea and inched down to her buttery smooth pussy. Her tongue had become a magnet to Jasmine’s sweet spot. She’d simply become addicted to cumming and making Jasmine cum, too. Candice licked, flicked and kissed her roomie’s juicy clit, while Jasmine gazed down at her.

“Mmm, fuck, Candy! I thought you wanted meto fuck you. When you gon’ let me take control?” She quizzed.

Candice glanced up as a smile parted her sticky, wet lips. “After I make you cum again.”

Jasmine closed her eyes and let Candice do what she did best, eat her pussy.She relaxed into the moment and massaged her plump breasts while tugging at her firm nipples.

“Mmm yeah, lick that pussy, baby.”

Eager to watch, she tilted her head forward, tightening her ab muscles. She noticed Candice’s toes curling and soon realized she had one hand in between her own thighs. Candice being a quick study brought a smile to Jasmine’s face. She knew she’d taught her how not only to please a woman, but herself as well.

“Mmm shit, I’m about to cum again Candice, don’t fuckin’ stop! Don’t you fuckin’ stop!”

“Mmm cum in my mouth again, Jas!” Candice breathed.

The anticipation of her next release was setting Jasmine’s entire body on fire. She felt like a raging volcano about to explode.

“Ahh fuck!” Jasmine yelled as she threw her quivering legs in the air. “Fuck,” she yelled again, trying to catch her breath.

Proudly stepping back to admire her work, Candice crawled onto the bed next to Jasmine as she rode out the wave of her orgasm. Jasmine turned her head and gently brushed Candice’s hair behind her ear.

“Pop that pussy up in the air and let me show you what it really is.” She demanded.

After propping herself up on all fours, Candice watched as Jasmine straddled her from behind and slid her middle finger inside her calling pussy. She was so wet Jasmine could see streaks of her sweet juice sliding down her inner thighs. Jasmine carelessly chomped down on her bottom lip and then bent down to squeeze and suck on Candice’s pussy lips, making a big smacking sound with her full lips. While Candice’s sweet moans filled her room, she reached into her nightstand and grabbed her black strap-on.

Grabbing it by the base, she sucked on the tip and then brought it to Candice’s lips. Without needing Jasmine to say anything, she took it in her mouth to get it nice and wet. The corners of Jasmine’s lips curved toward the ceiling as she watched her, remembering how they’d serviced Julian the night before. Secretly wishing he was around, she hooked the strap across her body and rubbed it up and down Candice’s tight slit. As soon as the tip entered her, Candice squealed, gasping for air.

“Ooooh shit!”

Jasmine firmly held the base of the dick and gently slid it in and out of her roommate’s warmth to get her used to its girth. After a few strokes, Candice’s body relaxed, and her soft moans filled the space again. Jasmine’s fingertips gripped her petite waist and began thrusting her pelvis forward, fucking her harder.

Candice reached out, firmly gripping Jasmine’s pillow with both hands. She could feel herself nearing her climax as soon as Jasmine reached around to rub her pulsating clit.

“Yes! Yes!”

“Does it feel good, Candy?”

“Mmm, yes!”

Excited, Jasmine pumped harder inside her, edging her closer to her climax. She drew back her hand and smacked Candice’s bouncing ass cheek, mesmerized with the sound of Candice’s cries of pleasure that were bouncing off the walls. A wave of selfishness fell over her and she pulled out of Candice, not wanting her to cum on something she couldn’t feel. She immediately replaced the strap with her tongue, craving her taste once more.

Jasmine flipped her over onto her back and lowered herself in front of Candice’s plump pussy. As sweet as Candice tasted, there was no way she couldn’t tongue fuck her roommate’s pussy every chance she got. As far as she was concerned, a working tongue was all either of them needed.

“God damn your pussy is so beautiful!” Jasmine praised.

She slid her body against Candice’s, stopping to kiss on her neck and rub her soft breasts against hers. Jasmine slipped her tongue into her mouth and Candice almost lost it. She moaned inside her mouth as Jasmine slid a finger into her pussy and finger fucked her to ecstasy.

“I—I’m! I’m—I’m cumming!” Candice bellowed, as her words melted from her lips.

Moments after the body convulsions and the tingling in her toes ceased, the two cuddled up underneath the sheets. Jasmine lay behind her in the spooning position, kissing lightly on her neck. Experiencing feelings she never thought she would, Candice let out a moan no louder than a whisper. Thoughts of their erotic spree danced through her head, with sprinkled images of Julian here and there. Candice knew everything about Jasmine fucking her felt good, but it was nowhere close to the power behind Julian’s dick.

“When is Julian coming over?” She asked.

“Later tonight, why?” Jasmine asked with her right eyebrow slightly arched.

“No reason, I was just wondering.” She answered, turning to kiss Jasmine’s cheek.

Jasmine let out a soft chuckle. “I think I’ve turned you into a nympho.”

“I think you have, too.”

ABOUT AN HOUR LATER, Candice crept out of Jasmine’s bed and crawled into her own, falling into a deep slumber. Later that night, she woke up to pounding on the door and quickly jolted up, immediately grabbing her head to stop it from swooshing around. She hurriedly put on her robe and went to answer the door. To her surprise and elation, Julian was standing there looking delicious.

Without even bothering to speak, she studied his features from the top of his wavy hair to the Nike running shoes on his size eleven feet. Although that was nice, it was the in between that made her smile. The way his muscles bulged effortlessly through the fabric of his shirt all the way down to the dick print through his gray sweatpants made her cat cream.

“Hey,” he said, with a wide grin across his face.


Wanting to say more, she stepped back, and he walked through the threshold of what had become her and Jasmine’s sex fortress. Seconds had passed, and she still hadn’t found the words to say to him. Insecurely gripping at her robe and pulling it closer to her body, she turned to walk back into her room. Unable to get him out of her mind, she pressed her ear up to her closed bedroom door and strained to hear any conversation she could between him and Jasmine.

“You fucked her, didn’t you?” He asked.

“We fucked each other.” Jasmine replied.

Candice sucked her teeth when the sounds of their voices faded. Moments later, her senses heightened when she heard Jasmine’s moans echoing through the thin apartment walls. She didn’t know whether to be jealous or turned on. Leaning her head against the door, she closed her eyes and in no time found her hand in between her thighs, slowly caressing her already wet pussy.

“Mmm, shit.” She whispered.

The louder Jasmine’s moans got, the faster Candice pressed her fingertips against her clit, rubbing viciously in circular motions. Just as she was about to fulfill her selfish desires, there was a knock against her door. Candice gasped, quickly sliding her hand away from her pussy and turning the knob. Her eyes widened with excitement when she saw both Jasmine and Julian standing naked in her doorway. She swallowed hard, not knowing if she was capable of doing the things she’d done the night prior without being inebriated, but she was eager to find out.

Her breath hitched when Julian stepped into her personal space first, towering over her small frame. Instantly, her palms started to moisten as she waited for him to talk or kiss her, whichever came first.

“Are you scared of me, Candice?” He asked.

“No, are you scared of me?” She replied.

A chuckle broke past his lips at her sassy remark. “A little.” He admitted.

“Really? I can’t see anything scary about me.”

“Look, last night was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten. You were perfect in every way.”

At a loss for words yet again, Candice lowered her eyes from his intense gaze and instead focused her attention on Jasmine who was running her hands down his washboard abs while he stroked his hard dick. A tingling sensation buzzed throughout her pussy, pinging each nerve. Jasmine sauntered over to stand behind her as Julian stepped closer, making her the chocolate cream filling in their Oreo. He gently placed his strong hands on her neck and pulled her lips onto his. His soft lips sent electric jolts surging through her body. She soon felt Jasmine’s soft hands caressing her breasts and ass from behind.

The trio made their way over to Candice’s bed and got comfortable on top of her disheveled sheets. Julian gently began sucking on Candice’s breasts while gently laying her down. He wasn’t a believer in wasting time, no matter what he was doing. If he wanted something, he went after it then and there. He spread her legs wide and extended his long tongue, making contact with her sensitive flesh. Just the tip of his tongue on her pussy drove Candice wild. He began sucking on her pussy lips and then her clit while Jasmine slipped her tongue into her mouth, then climbed on top to sit on her face.

“You know I need to feel that magic tongue of yours again.” She purred.

Without hesitation, Candice began lapping and kissing on Jasmine’s pussy while Julian serviced her down below. Candice used her left hand to smack Jasmine’s soft ass and her other to palm Julian’s waves, signaling that she didn’t want him to stop. It became clear to her that she didn’t want but neededthem both. Julian stopped to roll his elongated tongue over Candice’s dark nipples while taking gentle bites at Jasmine’s ass. Candice’s lower body jerked when his wide thumb pressed against, then flicked across her clit.

Jasmine could feel herself about to cum once more as she bucked her pussy lips against Candice’s glistening face. With her fingertips wrapped tightly around the headboard, her roomie’s mouth game sent her right into euphoria.

“Fuckkkkkkkk!” She groaned.

With his dick standing at full attention, Julian pulled Jasmine’s lip onto it and watched her suck on it. His eyes were fixated on Candice as he watched her toy with her pussy. Jasmine was moaning while she sucked and slurped on his dick, but even she couldn’t distract his gaze. He knew who he wanted. Refusing to cum, Julian grabbed the base of his dick and slowly slid it out from in between Jasmine’s jaws. He was ready to pound Candice’s pussy and Candice’s pussy only.

“What’s wrong?” Jasmine asked.

“Come here, Candice.”

Confused, Candice simply replied, “Huh?”

“Yeah. What are you doing, baby?” Jasmine asked with her eyebrows knitted in confusion.

“She did such a great job last night, I want her to myself.”

“Julian, you’ve never done that before.”

“So fuckin’ what? You can stay if you want, but you can only look, not touch from this moment forward.” He bossed.

Jasmine instantly found herself angry and jealous, and not because Candice was getting Julian, but because Julian was getting all of Candy’s sweet pussy to himself. In all the threesomes or foursomes, they’d had in the past, he’d never banned her from participating. She simply didn’t know what to do or what to say, so she exited the room. Julian walked over and closed the door behind Jasmine, making sure to lock it.

Still utterly confused and almost afraid to speak up, Candice uttered, “So, what does this mean?”

Julian quickly closed the space between them and wrapped his arms around her waist. “It means, I don’t ever want to share your pussy again. Not even with Jasmine.”


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