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A Ruthle$$ Love Story Character Quotes

A Ruthle$$ Love Story Synopsis

When love leaves nineteen-year-old Loyalty Wallace with nothing but a pair of bruised

ribs, she finds herself with $500,000 in stolen cash from her boyfriend, Whip, and a target on her back. She plans to use that money to escape her toxic relationship, but what she doesn’t know is the money she stole wasn’t his to keep. It was a loan from the Belmonte family, one of the most dangerous families in the heart of the Big Apple.

Most children are taught not to play with their food, but Nevahn “Lourde” Belmonte was

taught never to play with his money. He comes from a world of trappers and killers disguised as businessmen, so there are no college savings or 401K’s, only street money. As the only son of a street god, he’s next in line to inherit the million-dollar family “business” until his father throws a wrench in his plans. He must create a legacy, and he will not hand him the keys to the kingdom until he has a wife. With the lifestyle he lives, there’s no room for monogamy, let alone marriage.

When Loyalty’s actions land her in Lourde’s presence, he’s immediately drawn to her

fearlessness and beauty. She just may be the girl he needs to get what he wants. When given the chance, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Over time, what was supposed to be just a

“business” deal turns into much more than just six zeros scribbled on a check. In A Ruthle$$

Love Story, she will find out what it’s like to fall in love with a man whose reputation is almost

as ruthless as his smile, and he will learn what it means to love someone unconditionally.

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