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Love Don't Play Fair: A Valentine's Day Short Story

(NOTE: Contains explicit language and adult themes suitable for ages 16+)

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Mrs. Jade Bennett

I listened to my heels click left, right, left, right as I made my way across the marble flooring in the lobby of the Park Hyatt Hotel in the heart of New York City.

“Good afternoon, I’d like to check into my room. Reservations should be under my husband’s name, Mr. Wyatt Bennett,” I told the hotel attendant as I sat my $5,000 handbag on the counter.

“Ah, yes, Mrs. Bennett. Here is your key. You are in suite 2548,” he told me.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

I took the elevator up to the 25th floor, entered the room and looked around. My eyes immediately locked on the box of chocolates laying on top of the crimson rose petals that were perfectly scattered across the California king sized bed. There was also a bouquet of flowers in a vase beside the TV. He’s really stepping it up this Valentine’s Day, I thought to myself.

Seven years ago, we chose to share our love with all the other lovers around the country and got married on Valentine’s Day, and I couldn’t have been more excited to spend a night out on the town with him. It’d been so long since we’d really spent some quality time together due to the demands of his high paying job. Wyatt was one of the top criminal defense lawyers at a law firm and played a huge role in getting all the big-time criminals out of doing some long prison sentences. Although I admired my husband for his dedication to his job, my body had been longing to make love to him all over the room that cost well over $600 a night.

I put my purse down as I walked over to the bed and picked up the box of chocolates. There was a note attached that read, “Meet me for dinner downstairs at 7. Love, Wyatt.” I smiled and kicked off my heels, then headed to the bathroom. The heated floors felt like heaven against the soles of my feet as I made my way over to the soaking tub to run myself a nice long bath. I was going to enjoy the serenity of the day and rest up, so I could be an animal for my husband all night long.

While the bathtub filled with warm, soapy water, I cracked open the box of chocolates and popped one into my mouth. I chewed slowly as my eyes rolled back in my head. He’d gotten my favorite, Godiva. I turned on some smooth jams as I stepped out of the bathroom to pour myself a glass of wine from the small bottle inside the minibar. Then, I got undressed and spent the next hour and a half soaking in the tub until my skin was pruned and the water was cold, all because I’d gotten caught up fantasizing about Wyatt.

My husband and I had been together since high school, and by the time we were 22-years old, I had a ring on my finger. Of course, I immediately wanted to start a family after the wedding, but we decided to wait until after he finished law school and got settled into his career. Fast forward seven years, and we were still married with no children. Don’t get me wrong, Wyatt was far from perfect. In fact, he'd had his share of infidelities. The biggest being when I found out he'd had a child outside of our marriage. As broken as my heart was and as crazy as it may seem, I chose to stay by his side. I'd put so many years into our marriage, I wasn't going to let it go just like that. I guess that’s the thing about love…it’ll make you do some stupid things.

I pulled myself out of the tub and slid one of the luxurious bathrobes over my body while stuffing my toes into the matching slippers. I laid back against the cottony soft bed and let my hand fall in between my thighs. It took everything in me not to play with my cat. I’d been so horny over the past few weeks, it was like every time I see something that even resembled a penis, I wanted to fuck it.

“Yeah, Wyatt is about to get this work tonight,” I mumbled to myself.

By the time I opened my eyes and looked over at the clock, it was already five minutes past six. I quickly shot up out of the bed and started doing my hair and makeup. When I was done, I slid on a skin-tight black dress that stopped right above my knees, some strappy black heels and sprayed a few squirts of perfume on my wrists, behind my ears and on my neck. Before walking out of the room, I gave myself another once over. There was no way he was going to be able to tell me no tonight.

While walking towards the restaurant downstairs, I passed by couples arm in arm or holding hands and showing all types of public affection towards one another, which made me smile. The smell of gourmet dining wafted past my nose as I stepped into the restaurant inside the lobby. There were people everywhere. I glanced down at my phone and clicked the side. It was 7:07. Perfect, I smiled to myself.

“Good evening, ma’am. Do you have reservations?” the hostess asked me.

“Um, yes. My husband and I have reservations for 7 p.m. under Wyatt Bennett,” I responded.

“Bennett…Bennett…,” she scrolled with her finger.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Um, I’m not quite sure. It seems that we had a reservation for a Wyatt Bennett here earlier at 6, but I don’t see anything at 7.”

“There must be some mistake. He told me we had dinner reservations here at 7. He would never pick 6 because it’s our 7th wedding anniversary. Can you please just check again?” I asked, feeling flustered.

I quickly glanced behind me and saw that a line had formed, which made me even more antsy. I shifted my weight from one leg to the other while I watched her scroll her manicured fingernail down the tablet again.

“Nothing?” I asked.

“No ma’am, I’m sorry. I could try to get you in if another couple drops out, but we’re booked solid through the end of the night right now.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat and shook my head.

“No thank you. That um…that won’t be necessary. I’m going to step aside and call my husband to figure all of this out. Excuse me.”

I could feel my face turning red as I turned and faced all of the couples behind me. I quickly jetted out of the restaurant and stepped off to a secluded corner to call Wyatt. His phone rang six times and then went to voicemail. “You’ve reached Wyatt Bennett, attorney at law. I can’t get to my phone right now. Please leave a message at…”


As flustered as I was, I was more hurt than anything. Wyatt was a strategic man. He would never mix up reservations, unless his "assistant" Jelena did it. She was a young paralegal at his firm, and I could tell she had eyes for him. Anytime I went to his office and saw her interactions with him, it was almost like she was undressing him with her little beady ass eyes. Steam puffed out of my nose as I dialed his number again. The same thing happened, so I texted him.

Jade: 7:22 p.m.: Baby, I’m at the restaurant and there’s been some sort of mistake with our reservations. Where are you? Call me back!

I saw the three ellipses that told me he was responding back, but then they disappeared. What the fuck, I growled to myself. I called him back one more time and he didn’t answer, in fact, it didn’t even ring. His phone had gone straight to voicemail. Maybe he’s in a bad reception area and lost service or is trying to call me back, I thought to myself all at once.

I paced the marble floor back and forth, calling and calling until my feet began to hurt. I walked towards the other side of the lobby and headed to the bar to sit down. Although there were still quite a few people in there, there weren’t as many as inside the restaurant. I plopped down in the high bar seat and put my phone down on the counter.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“Um, a glass of champagne,” I told him.

“Coming right up.”

Two glasses of champagne and 20 phone calls later, I was still sitting alone. At a bar. On fucking Valentine’s Day. Wyatt has done some fucked up things in the past, but standing me up on our anniversary took the cake. I let out the loudest sigh my body could muster up as I looked around the room. There were fresh white tablecloths on all of the tables with red rose petals and lit candles as the centerpieces. My eyes rolled just as my stomach growled.

“Can I please see a menu?” I asked.

He handed me a menu and nothing on it made my mouth water. I sighed and put the menu down beside me.

“Another glass of champagne while you wait?”

“Yeah, sure. Why the hell not,” I said.

I watched him pour a fresh glass and sat it in front of me as I pulled my wedding ring off and dropped it in my glass. I watched the 3.5ct. halo cut diamond ring sink to the bottom as bubbles fizzed at the top. I could’ve stayed in the house for this shit, I thought to myself.

“Damn, is it that bad?” I heard a male voice ask behind me.

I quickly turned around and met eyes with a tall man with dark chocolate eyes. He had a beard wrapped around the lower half of his butterscotch colored face. I looked back at my glass as he took a seat beside me.

“Yeah, I guess it is,” I replied.

“What can I get you, sir?” the bartender asked.

“Glass of Hennessy on the rocks,” he said, then looked over at me. “So, what’s a beautiful woman like you doing sitting here with a big ass ring in a glass of champagne instead of wrapped around your finger?” he asked.

“Wow, that’s mighty personal for a stranger to be asking, don’t you think?”

“Hey, I have an inquiring mind.”

I sighed.

“I was supposed to have dinner reservations with my…with someone.”

“Just someone?”

“My husband,” I sighed again. “Today is our 7th wedding anniversary.”

“I thought seven was supposed to be a lucky number.”

“Yeah, I guess not if you’re me,” I shrugged.

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that…?”

“Jade,” I answered, filling in the blank.

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that, Jade.”

“Thanks, but don’t worry about it. I’m just about to go back upstairs and call it a night. My feet hurt anyway.”

“I’m Devon by the way,” he said, extending his hand to me and ignoring my comment.

I nodded and shot him a half smile.

“Nice to meet you.”

“So, you really just gon’ call it a night?”

“Yeah. What else is there for me to do? If you haven’t already noticed, I’m not in the best mood.”

“You’re right, I did notice that.”

Just as he said that, my stomach growled.

“Damn. You should eat something,” he said.

“You heard that?”

“Hell yeah. The people over in Carnegie Hall heard that shit,” he joked.

His smile brought a smile to my face and I let out a lazy laugh.

“Oh, see. There’s that smile. It’s a gorgeous one, too.”

“Look, Devon, right? I don’t mean to be rude, but your flattery isn’t working on me.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to rub you the wrong way, it’s just…when I see a beautiful woman with a sour look on her face, I gotta throw the cape on and come try to save the day.”

“Oh, so you Captain Save a Hoe, huh?” I asked.

He chuckled.

“Nah, not even. I would never call you a hoe,” he said, holding his chest. “I got sisters and a mom and shit. I know how that type of derogatory comment can fuck with a person self-esteem.”

I nodded and then gave him another once over. That time, looking at him more carefully. Although he was sitting down, he looked to be around six-feet tall. He had beautiful, white teeth and a set of full cherry-colored lips. He had a broad chest and I could see the strong muscles rippling underneath his shirt. His beard looked soft to the touch, but I made sure to keep my hands to myself.

“So, what’s your story?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” he asked, taking a sip of his Hennessy.

“I mean where’s your girl or wife?”

“Ain’t no story behind that, ma. I’m single.”

“I find that hard to believe,” I scoffed.

“And why is that?”

“You just don’t strike me as the type of guy to be single.”

“Then what kind of guy do I strike you as?” he asked.

I looked him up and down and then took a sip from the champagne flute in front of me.

“Two words. A player.”

Devon clutched his chest as if he was really offended.

“Damn. You ain’t never heard the saying don’t judge a book by its cover?”

“Yeah, I have.”

“Then stop judging me until you get to know me,” he whispered in my ear.

His voice made my spine shiver.

“I’m just saying, it seems like nowadays all men do is cheat.”

“There you go again. That’s not true, Jade.”

“So, you’re telling me you’ve never cheated?” I asked.

“Nah, I’m not saying that. But just because I fucked up in the past doesn’t make me a bad dude.”

I shrugged and shifted in my seat.

“I guess.”

“So, you’re perfect?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Exactly,” he nodded.

The two of us sat in silence for a bit, when I noticed the gun on his hip.

“What’s that about?”

“What’s what about?”

“Your gun,” I pointed.

“Oh, it’s for protection.”

“Protection from what or who?”

“Just protection, that’s all.”

“You scared of me, huh?” I chuckled.

“Nah, ma, you’re the scared one.”

“What makes you think I’m scared? And why do you keep callin’ me ma?”

“Because I want to, ma,” he mocked me.

“Well, I’m about to retire to my room, pa. Thanks for the chat,” I said, pushing the chair away from the bar.

“Hold up a sec,” he said, gently grabbing my arm.

I looked down at his hand and then back up at him.


“Take a shot of Henny with me first.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t drink hard liquor.”

“C’mon, it’s just one shot. It’ll put some hair on your chest.”

“Why in the fuck would I want that?” I asked.

“Oh, there she is. She’s getting feisty,” he joked.

“Shut up.”

“I’ll shut up if you take this shot with me, then I’ll bid you goodnight. Deal?”

I chewed my bottom lip and then sat back down.

“Fine. One shot.”

By the time I got up to walk out of the bar, I was stumbling. Devon hooked his strong arm around my waist and walked me to the elevator.

“What floor are you staying on?” he whispered in my ear.

His lips brushed past my ear and made the hair on the back of my neck rise.

“25th,” I said.

Devon pressed the 25th button and I leaned against the rail.

“Oh my God, I cannot believe I went shot for shot with you! I don’t even drink!” I whined.

“I can tell,” he chuckled.

I leaned my head back against the elevator wall and Devon put his hand above my head and towered over me.

“You are a beautiful woman, Jade. Don’t ever let any man make you feel any different.”

Before I had a chance to speak, the elevator dinged and stopped on my floor.

“You have a goodnight, now,” he said.

“Yeah, you too,” I told him as I stepped off the elevator.

My heart was pounding, and I could feel him staring a hole in my back, but I refused to turn around. I swiped my key and went back into my room and looked around, getting mad all over again. It was the first time in hours that I realized I still hadn’t heard back from Wyatt. I stormed over to the bed and swatted all of the rose petals onto the floor.

“Stupid mothafucka!” I growled as I threw my heels across the room.

I huffed and fell across the bed, groaning in anger when there was a knock on the door. I quickly sat up and looked at the digital clock on the nightstand. It was 11:42pm. My feet slowly dragged over to the door and I opened it. Devon was standing there.

“Devon, what are you doing…”

He cut me off by placing his lips on mine. He kissed me like I hadn’t been kissed in years. Although we were strangers, his lips...his touch, everything felt like home against my body. His lips were warm and full, and I could feel myself melting in his arms. Realizing my mistake, I quickly snapped out of it and pushed him away.

“Devon, stop. We can’t. I’m married.”

“I don’t see a ring,” he said as he picked me up and carried me over to the bed.


“I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help myself,” he groaned between kisses.

His large hands glided up my thigh and parted the wetness between them.

“Damn, Jade…you want this don’t you?” he asked, his voice husky and deep.

I shifted my bottom lip between my teeth and nodded hesitantly.

“Go on, touch it. You can have whatever you want tonight. Your beautiful ass deserves it,” he said, placing my hand on the bulge in his pants.

“Mmm, shit,” I whispered.

The more my hand rubbed against the imprint in his jeans, the more I could feel myself giving into my inhibitions.

“No, no. I can’t,” I said, pushing him off me.

“You can do anything you want.”

“Devon, please just go. I’m trying really hard to contain myself right now. This is me fighting the apple,” I confessed.

“Don’t fight it, Jade. Bite that shit. Better yet, come here and ride that shit,” he said, pulling me onto his lap.

That was it. I lost it. Before I knew it, Devon had pulled up my dress, ripped my red lace panties off my body and slammed me down onto his hard ass dick.

“Ooooh shiiiiiiiittttttt!” I screamed out in pleasure.

Fucking Devon brought something out of me that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I bucked against him, not caring about how loud I was or how I looked. It was the best sex I’d ever had. Devon pulled my hair and smacked my ass until I came not once, not twice, but three times. By the time we were done, I felt as if I’d just finished running two miles at full speed, but my body tingled in ecstasy. I laid, entangled in the sheets, feeling like a brand-new woman. It was the first time in a long time that I felt seen by anything other than my own reflection. My thoughts were interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

“Were you expecting company?” he asked, stroking my hair.

“No. I don’t know who that could be.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it, and whoever it is, I’ll send ‘em packing. I’ll be right back,” he assured me.

I laid against the soft pillow, closed my eyes and smiled. My facial expression quickly turned from elation to panic when I heard my husband’s voice.

“What the fuck is going on here? And who the fuck are you?” Wyatt roared as he burst into the room.

“Wyatt!” I screamed, jumping up from the sheets and pulling my dress down.

“Jade! What the fuck are you doing!”

“No, no. Wait! It’s not what it looks like!”

“It’s not what it looks like, huh? So, I didn’t just catch you in the hotel room that I paid for fucking another man on our anniversary, Jade? Huh?”

“Baby! I’m so sorry! I never meant to hurt you! Please just listen,” I begged as I grabbed onto his arm.

“Cut the tape, Devon, and here’s your money,” he said, reaching into his suit jacket and tossing him a white envelope.

Devon caught the bag with his left hand and walked over and pulled a small camera out of the bouquet of roses Wyatt had sent up to the room.

“Hold up. Hold the fuck up! What is going on here? How do you two even know each other?”

“He’s one of my clients,” Wyatt answered.

“He’s what!? You fucking tricked me into fucking you?” I turned to yell at Devon.

“Yo, I had to do what I had to do to make sure your nigga gets me off from this charge. It’s nothin’ personal, ma,” he shrugged and walked over to count his money.

“Bitch, don’t blame him! I’ve been trying to divorce you for two years now. How many affairs do I have to have or fuckin’ kids before you realize this shit!”

“Wait…kids? You—you have more children, Wyatt?” my voice trembled.

“Two! Two sons to carry on the Bennett name with fiancé,” he announced.

“Your fucking assistant...but I thought…I…” I said, as the words choked up in my throat and tears poured out of my eyes.

“Save the tears, Jade. I’m fucking done with your clingy, emotional ass!”

“What the fuck have I ever done but love you, Wyatt? Huh? I give you all of me and you just…you do me like this? Huh?”

“Get this through your head, Jade. I don’t love you anymore. I haven’t loved you in years, but for some reason you just won’t let go, so I had to do some drastic shit to get what I wanted. I want a divorce and you’re going to give it to me!”

“How could you do me like this, Wyatt? It’s me! Jade! Your wife! Why the fuck are you treating me like a fucking whore off the street?”

“Because that’s all you are to me, Jade. Look at what I just caught you doing. You’re going to give me this divorce with no contesting or I’m going to give this tape to my lawyer and I’ll get it regardless. Your choice,” he gritted.

I could feel my heart pumping at a pace that I knew was hazardous to me and everyone around me. I wiped my tears, smearing my mascara across my face, and glanced over at Devon, who was sitting off to the side counting his money. That’s when I noticed his gun laying on the table. Don’t do it, Jade. Don’t you dare do it, the angel on my right side told me. Fuck that shit, bitch! Get his ass! Matter of fact, get both they asses, the devil on my left shouted. Wyatt kept yelling and Devon kept counting, but all I could hear were those two voices.

Wyatt thought I was a weak bitch and that I hadn’t learned shit from him over the years, but he was sadly mistaken. I could be just as deceptive and make a lie sound as real as he could. Without a second thought, I walked over to Devon, grabbed his face and kissed him. Although what he did to me was fucked up, I still enjoyed his soft lips.

“Bitch, what the fuck are you doing?” Wyatt yelled.

I quickly swiped the gun off the table, turned around and pulled the trigger, sending a bullet straight into Wyatt's chest. He grabbed his heart and stumbled back with a surprised look on his face, but I felt no remorse. It was time he knew what it felt like to have a broken heart.

“Oh shit, Jade!” Devon yelled. “What the fuck!”

Before he could get another word out, I aimed the gun at him.

“Tell me the truth!”

“What?” he yelled, putting his hands up.

“He really paid you to set me up?”

“Yeah,” he admitted.

“So, none of this shit was real? Wyatt was watching us the entire time? In the bar and everything?” I asked, as my hand trembled.

“Look, all I know is he told me if I could help him get a divorce, he’d get me off my charges.”

“Well, at least he got what he wanted,” I said and pulled the trigger.

I looked down at the two men who tried to play me for a fool and shook my head. I pulled the tape out of the recorder and flushed it down the toilet. I ran Devon's fingernails across my neck and thighs, causing scratches, then wiped my fingerprints off the gun and laid it beside him. As far as I was concerned, he was just another casualty at war. Once I had the room set up the way I needed it to look, I walked over to the hotel phone to report a rape and the murder of my husband. Just as my finger pressed the button to dial 9-1-1, there was a knock at the door and I froze.

“Baby…it’s me,” I heard a female voice say. “Are you in there?”

My forehead screwed up. I know the fuck not, I thought to myself. I heard the knock again and listened closely.

“Baby, open up. It’s me, Jelena.”

I looked down at Wyatt as tears fresh tears began to flow out of my eyes. I was standing in the middle of hotel suite on my wedding anniversary with two dead bodies at my feet and a plan that was about to be shot to hell. It was time I taught her ass a lesson, too. I walked over to Devon and picked up the gun, then looked back at the door. Fuck it, I thought to myself as I walked over to unlock it.



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