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k.l. hall

bestselling author.
caffeinated blogger.
serial storyteller.
booked & busy course creator.


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booked & busy™ digital.

Booked and busy and on a budget? Trust, I get it. I remember being an aspiring author who knew I wanted to write but lacked the guidance on getting started, let alone how to get my work published. That’s why I created my affordable Booked & Busy™ Digital workbooks and book writing tools to help authors go from a blank page to writing and publishing their first book.  


From crafting the perfect book bae to the ultimate social playbook for a successful book release, these downloadable resources will help authors put fingers to keys and write stories they’ll love while turning their passion into profit. 

author resources.

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serial storyteller.
caffeinated blogger.

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K.L. Hall is a national bestselling and award-winning author. As a serial storyteller, Hall has penned over three dozen titles in various genres—including African American urban fiction and romance, paranormal, children’s books, and non-fiction. Her fictional stories straddle the intersection of classic Urban and spell-binding Romance.

At a young age, she found her passion in a pen and knew that writing would be a vital part of her life. The Virginia native made her debut in the literary world in 2013, and has since been featured in various print and online publications and created the Booked & Busy™ Course to help aspiring authors birth the book they’ve always wanted to write and turn their passion into profit. 

When she’s not writing, Hall enjoys creating author resources and being a mom. To learn more about the author, join her email tribe to receive exclusive updates on all things life and literary, and follow her on social media @authorklhall on Facebook and @officialklhall on Instagram. 

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new releases.


Now Available!
T.A.N.: An Erotic Novella


Jahtavian Nichols is a cancer. 

The toxic, slow-growing kind you never see coming until it’s too late.

He’s a playboy with one goal: to seduce as many women as possible, especially if they’re friends. 

Ten years ago, he used me and threw me away. 

He deceived me. Humiliated me. Made me swear off love.

Everyone else may have let it go, but I haven’t forgotten... or forgiven him.

In fact, I’m going to make sure he never does anything like that again.


You see, I’m not the same delicate, shy wallflower he hit and forgot.

I was an easy target before. I couldn’t see a red flag from a mile away.

I will get the revenge I’ve always craved. Because this time? 

I won’t be the one being used. I’ll be the one taking what I want from him.


I’ve spent the last decade formulating my borderline-obsessed plan.

Sweet revenge is the name of the game now, and Jah is my prey.

I move in next door to him with two things in mind: seduce and scheme. 

I won’t fall victim to his bedroom eyes or get mystified by his charm. 

I’ll make him pay, even if it breaks me twice.


Now Available!
Bound in the Arms of a Thug: Chop and Kendyl's Love Story



I never understood Cy’s world. 

He belonged to The Spades motorcycle club. To them, he went by Chop. 

He told me once he was the sergeant at arms. I’m not sure what that meant either. 

All I knew was I’d fallen hard, but I wouldn’t stick around as long as he put his MC before me. 

If life has taught me anything, it’s to leave before you get left. 

After I left town, I learned I was three months pregnant with his child.

Chop’s decisions had made it clear he wasn’t ready for a family, so I kept it from him. 


Four years later, I’m working hard to raise my son, who is the spitting image of his father. 

But Chop made his choice, and I made mine.

That is until some unexpected chaos forces me back into his arms. 

One look, and I can tell he wasn’t expecting to see me at his doorstep again. 

Neither was the half-naked woman in his living room. 





I never wanted to see Kendyl again after she left and took my heart with her. 

Now, she shows up on my doorstep with my son, asking for my help. 

As furious as I am, the bruises on her sweet brown skin have me seeing red.  

No one lays a hand on my girl.


I don’t want to have feelings for her again. I should hate her for what she did, but I can’t. 

She’s the mother of my seed, and the woman who’s always had the key to my heart. 

I can’t blame her for leaving how she did. 

But now that I know about my son, I’m never letting them go again.


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